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Hi!  I'm Janine

the AmericanEnglishCoach

I have been an English Instructor for adult students for over twenty years. I have learned two foreign languages to the point of fluency, Swahili and Spanish. I've taught English online via Skype to students living on every continent in the world.  Most of my students are Brazilian or Russian.  I actually don't know the reason for this, but it has made me especially good at helping Brazilians and Russians!  I have also coached many Spanish, Chinese and Vietnamese speakers and others.


My original website, started in the spring of 2010.  You can learn more about me and my ideas on language learning on and in the Language Learning Forum on this site.  Check out the Forum to learn from other students and post your own language learning tips!

This site is for students interested in immersion, or who can at least make a commitment to spend the time necessary to make rapid progress. If you are such a student, click to schedule an appointment and I will give you a free trial lesson of twenty minutes.

Immersion: regarding language learning, immersion means the exclusive use of the target language

I learned Swahili and Spanish with the immersion method.  I lived in East Africa for a year and in Guatemala for six months.  That was before the Internet was available.  Think about it.  With the Internet, you can learn English without leaving home and still come close to the immersion method!

It used to be necessary to go to an English speaking country to immerse yourself in the language and learn rapidly.  Nowadays, with the Internet, you can achieve immersion with private lessons, YouTube videos, English learning websites, chat rooms, forums, movies and TV.  Interested?  Schedule a free trial lesson and let's get started!  Click "Schedule Appointment".

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grammar cleanup


Job Interview prep

Business English

Vocabulary Building


or whatever else you need.

In your free trial lesson, we will discuss your needs and what kind of classes will benefit you most.  Here is a description of some of the types of classes I offer...

Skype:  AmericanEnglishCoach

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American Engish pronunciation  Accent reduction



and be understood.

Are there sounds of

American English

that you are struggling with?.

 I will explain the mechanics of

making those sounds and how to

get the "muscle memory"

to make the new sounds easily,

without thinking about it.


Get to the next level

of English proficiency.

I will send you a pdf coursebook

and audio files which you will use for self-study and then in class, we will review what you have worked on. The course

has a focus on conversation. 

I will answer your questions

and offer correction.  


Grammar cleanup  Free placement test

Grammar CleanupTime

Free test to know your level

Lessons accordingto your needs

Although I don't believe grammar study alone is a good way to learn a language, it is good to check your grammar from time to time and correct mistakes before they become hard habits to break.. 

IELTS or TOEFL test preparaton

Test Preparation


We'll focus on the speaking and

writing sections of the test and

practice until you are confident.

We'll talk about how to do your

best on the listening and reading

portions of the test.

Prepare for the USMLE CS exam.
work on clinical skills


We'll work on American English pronunciation and role play.